SI "Pruzhany district center of hygiene and epidemiology" carries out state sanitary supervision over the observance by economic entities on the territory of Pruzhany district, officials and citizens of the requirements of current health legislation on the protection of health and sanitary-epidemiological safety, sanitary norms, rules and hygienic standards, and well as control over the organization and conduct of activities aimed at improving the environment and disease prevention.

The institution focuses on the implementation of the state policy on provision of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, minimizing the damage to health from the adverse environmental factors, protection from infectious diseases, the prevention of somatic diseases, ensuring compliance with the requirements of sanitary legislation.

Guide sanepidsluzhby increased attention to preparedness of health facilities district and objects of the national economy to work effectively with dangerous infections. Sanepidsluzhby also maintain a permanent control over the conditions of education and upbringing of children, the organization of power in the institutions of education, health.

Huge work is done by the Center for the continuous monitoring of the operation of trade, catering, food industry, compliance with the sanitary rules, norms and hygienic standards in the agricultural and municipal facilities, industrial plants, improvement and sanitary maintenance of settlements of the district.

For a long time on the territory of Pruzhany district has remained stable epidemic situation of infectious diseases. In general, the incidence is sporadic, and performance for a variety of clinical entities do not exceed the regional average and national average.

Annual preventive vaccines are the majority population of the region, allowing you to maintain a clear epidemiological welfare of infectious diseases, manage a modern and specific means of prevention.

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